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Arya and Sandor - Off The Map
fan fiction

by Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf

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MiLady of Waves leaving Queens Landing, Baywater Bay.


Game of Thrones - alternate history story line
Thursday 23 May 2019

Daenerys - Queen of, Bells of Peace

Thus, at first, like a faint melody the bells began to echo each other across the vast expanse of Kings Landing.

Daenerys swooped her mighty dragon upon the wall, and reaching within a small bag, she pulled out an ornate bell.

And so upon the great wall, upon a fierce dragon, there stood Daenerys in all her glory, bell in hand ... ringing.

With thunderous sounds the bells rang near and far across Kings Landing, as the defeated were marched off and the injured taken care of.

No one knows what happened to Cersei. Some, like Varys (who received a pardon) suggest Jaime aided her escape, guarded by Gregor. For none were ever heard of again.

Jon Snow left to return to the North, King of the North, with Daenerys ruling the six kingdoms with wisdom and compassion beyond her years.

Arya together with Sandor set sail for distant lands, encountering many adventures that were recounted in songs.

Others lived lives full of hope and prosperity, for a just and merciful Queen was in power.

In time Daenerys took Asha Greyjoy to be her wife, and a golden age of prosperity came to be.

And so, it is fair to say, that all lived happily ever after.


The Bell became the symbol across the known world of Hope. Even today, a Bell is a sign of Hope.

The End.

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Arya and Sandor at the bow of MiLady of Waves at Baywater Bay.


Arya and Sandor
- off the map -

Fan fiction by Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf

Chapter 1 : Sail East, to journey West.

Monday 27 May 2019

Arya stood solemnly at the bow of the ship, as the wind caught the sails full. The "MiLady Of Waves", as the ship was christened, was an experimental, larger advanced design of the sailing ship Snow class. At a length of 64 meters, with a sailing crew of 22 and a 7 person detachment of some of the finest soliders, the Milady Of Waves was a force of majesty to behold with awe. At first glace, she could be mistaken for a warship, but her design was one for speed, stealth, and not direct battle.

It had been about four months since Daenarys first sat on the Iron Throne, and even earlier when the battle for the Seven Kingdoms was won. During that time of emergency, the MiLady Of Waves was completed in total secrecy, and then launched. Gifted to Arya by Daenarys, she was now heading East to sail "off the map" as Arya would say, and "Fuck!" as Sandor would retort.

Ayra cast a solitary figure at the bow, high above the waves, and the ornately carved bow ornamentation. A large and fierce dragon with a Queen a top. An unmistakable sign to all, that this was no ordinary ship, and no ordinary crew. The massive figurehead was a regal sight as the ship sailed effortlessly across the waves.

Farewells had been made some time ago, as life goes on, as it does. Now was that moment when a new adventure begins. A journey into the unknown. A journey where no sails have ever returned. To sail south through the Narrow Sea, around the Summer Sea, and then West pass the known world of the Sunset Sea.

The bell rang for dinner. Sandor walked over to where Arya was standing in silence and stood beside her. Both looking out across the Blackwater Bay, they walked off to have dinner.

The clouds were darkening as night was approaching, the winds good and strong, and the waves mild. A good day to have a hearty dinner.

Inside the luxury was everywhere, competing with functionality. The Captains mess has at the centre a large hand crafted table, depicting the journey of the rise of Daenarys the Good and Merciful. There were four seats at the large table. At the head sat Ayra, and to her right Sandor. To Arya's left sat Captain Ilse de Felr, a strong no nonsense looking womyn who had sea water for blood. Opposite to Ayra sat Helgyr The Bow, an unofficial title that she had since a child, for her incredible skills with a bow.

Captain Ilse de Felr was a womyn in her fifty's, with a strong physique and an intelligent look. She was a lot larger than Ayra but no where near the size of Sandor. Captain Ilse de Felr was different again. Only slightly taller than Ayra, she was slender, which quick refexes and very keen eyesight.

Captain Ilse de Felr has twenty one sailing crew under her command, and Helgyr The Bow commanded six soliders. Both were under the command of Ayra, and by extension, also Sandor.

This was a time of getting to known each other, and their first shared meal at sea was nothing short of a feast. Not much conversation happened. Captain Ilse de Felr reported to Ayra that all is good, ship shape, and that was pretty much it. After eating and drinking their fill, they each retired to their cabins for the night.
High above, a dragon quietly soared, looked down to see all was well, and flew back to Queens Landing.

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Arya and Sandor at the bow of MiLady of Waves at Baywater Bay.


Arya and Sandor
- off the map -

Fan fiction by Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf

Chapter 1 : Sail East, to journey West.

Monday 3 June 2019

The morning dawned with a fiery sunrise.

Arya was wandering about the MiLady Of Waves, working on getting her sea legs. Sandor sat himself near the bow of the ship and began to drink. The sailing crew was busy at work and the soldiers were doing their morning drills.

Morning meal came and went and there really wasn't much remarkable that happened until about midday. A flock of gigantic seagulls screeched their way across the skies.

"Noisy fuckers", said Sandor to himself, as he took another drink.

Arya walked over and stood next to Sandor. He ignored her. She reached out her hand and without looking up, he passed her the bottle to take a swig.

"What is there to do?", lamented Sandor. "Just eat, drink and shit", he said more to himself, trailing off quietly.

Arya looked up, "Captain?"


"Where are we?"

"Blackwater Bay."

Arya looked puzzled and then Captain Ilse de Felr continued. "Well you have seen The Wall?"

Arya nodded and then added, "Well just a small part."

How long do you think The Wall is?

Arya thought for a moment and then asked Sandor, "What do you think?"

Sandor just grunted and took another swig, "Fucks knows."

"500 kilometres", said Captain Ilse de Felr.

Arya looked genuinely bewildered and surprised. "Fuck me!" said Sandor as he stood up, leaving the bottle and looking out as the mass of water about them.

"Well," added the Captain in her respectful and authoritative voice, the distance from Queens Landing to the tip of the peninsula of Sharp Point is about 650 kilometres, and we should be passing by in a few hours, to Starboard.


The Captain nodded to Arya, before continuing. The Blackwater Bay is normally calm with good winds, but The Gullet, rounding Sharp Point will be rougher.

Their conversation was interrupted by laughter and cheers.

Arya and Sandor looking for something, anything to stave off the boredom walked over to investigate, and Captain Ilse de Felr continued her duties.

A loud round of laughter and cheers rang out again. There was a lot of merriment in the air.

As Arya got closer she saw Helgyr The Bow with a rope tied fast around her waist, her feet on the taffrail (the railing surrounding a ship's stern), balancing with her bow with an arrow on the bowstring, like a harpoon.

Swoosh, and then another cheer, applause erupted, as the crew took hold of the rope and began to bring onboard another large fish.

Helgyr The Bow saw Arya and smiled. "That's all for now lads", she said and she untied the rope and hopped effortlessly back on deck.

Ayra smiled seeing the large collection of fish.

"Do you want to learn?"

Arya thought for a moment. "You'll have to teach me how to use the bow first, well like you do anyways."

"That I can do." Looking up at the sun. "What about after lunch?"

"That will be good."

Helgyr The Bow smiled and helped carry some of the fish she helped catch.

Ayra felt better all of a sudden, she was finally doing something meaningful and she knew that was always a challenge for the person in charge of the actual ship but without sailing skills.

Sandor too sensed that he needed to be active and so he picked up fish and helped carry them to the cooks.

So with the sun high, and the skies a summer like blue, the MiLady Of Waves continued her course East in record time.

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MiLady of Waves evades two Kraken doing battle.


Arya and Sandor
- off the map -

Fan fiction by Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf

Chapter 1 : Sail East, to journey West.

Monday 10 June 2019

Arya was a natural when it came to balancing on the taffrail, and her arrow shots were improving with every attempt. Sandor looked on, ready to help should any fish be harpooned by the deadly arrows.

Almost unnoticed, a large shadow slowly cast itself under the water, and disappeared again into the depths.

Arya froze and looked at Helgyr The Bow, who saw it too. Sander understanding something was amiss, edged over and looked at the seas, but saw nothing unusual.

Captain Ilse de Felr, ever vigilant briskly walked over to them. "Better give the fishing a rest for a day or so, we appear to have attracted the attention of some creature." Then quickly added, "Milady of Waves is more than a match for any sea creature."

Arya jumped back on board, untied the rope around her waist, and did not take her eyes off the sea behind them.

A shout from the crows nest rang out, "KRAKEN! Port side!"

"Battle stations", commanded Captain Ilse de Felr.

The six troops under Helgyr The Bow's command rapidly assembled port side with large ornate crossbow. Helgyr took her command and waited.

Below deck, five port side portholes were opened and unusal shaped cannon ends protruded, waiting for the command.

"Starboard, KRACKEN starboard", came the shout ringing out from the crows nest.

Three of the six troopers raced to starboard side, as five ornate and unusual starboard side cannons were moved to the ready.

Captain Ilse de Felr and Helgyr The Bow looked to Arya, who felt unsure what to do, then ordered. "Protect the MiLady of Waves!"

"Aye aye Commander," replied the Captain and Helgr in unison.

A tense several minutes passed, as the MiLady of Waves took evasion actions. Tacking port, starboard, then jibing with equal precision.

About five hundred meters ahead of them large bubbles broke the surface of the water, then white foam was whipped up several meters high.

"Ten degrees to port" shouted Captain Ilse de Felr, "Set full sails." The MiLady of waves instantly lurched forward again with another jolt that again unbalanced most of the crew.

Helgyr The Bow glanced reassuringly to Arya as the six troops raced to the closest distance to the threat.

Like a gigantic tree, a tentacle rose powerfully from the water, and then another.

Before them evolved a deadly battle between two kraken sea monsters, as the MiLady of Waves, almost skimming the surface of the seas, sailed her way around the massive fight. With gigantic tentacles smashing the sea, as one of the kraken's limbs was severed off.

With incredible speed, the MiLady of Waves pulled away and resumed her course. Leaving behind the fight to the death of two massive creatures, and the disturbed waters around them.

After about an hour, and out of immediate danger, Captain Ilse de Felr gave the ordered to resume normal duties. The cannons were retracted and the the portholes closed. The troops under the command of Helgyr The Bow too resumed their duties.

"I have never seen this in all my years," said Captain Ilse de Felr.

"Do you think they will follow us?" asked Arya.

"I wouldn't think so, not now we are some distance away and have changed course a few times," replied the Captain.

"Do you think the fishing attracted them?" asked Helgyr.

"I think when two such large sea monsters are close to each other, violence in inevitable. Though the fishing would likely have been noticed, I doubt it was the cause," said the Captain. "Ships pass there regularly, so I don't think there is immediate dangers. We'll report this when we can."

"The seas must be full of creatures unknown," said Arya and Helgar added, "Anyone foolish enough to attack the MiLady Of Waves will be quickly dealt with." They all smiled and Sandor looked ready to battle what ever dangers lay ahead, or beneath the waves.

The lighthouse at Sharp Point had been passed by and largely unnoticed by the event that occurred. The lighthouse at Stonedance was welcomed as a beacon of reassurance.

Sandor stood stoically at the railing facing the shoreline as they sailed past.

The winds picked up, and the temperature got colder fast. Arya went below deck to get some warmer clothing.

"Here," said Arya, passing Sandor a large fur coat.

"Thanks," said Sandor as he kept his study of the passing coast line. "We may not be so lucky next time! To escape such dangers."

After a pause, Arya replied, "I know. I also now know that we can handled ourselves, and we will"

"True enough," replied Sandor adjusting the warm coat. "True enough!"

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MiLady of Waves and the whales.


Arya and Sandor
- off the map -

Fan fiction by Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf

Chapter 1 : Sail East, to journey West.

Monday 17 June 2019

It was dusk as MiLady of Waves sailed past Massey's Hook on her way south.

At dinner, the renamed "Commanders Table" sat Ayra, to her right Sandor, and to her left Captain Ilse de Felr. Helgyr The Bow sat opposite. Their meal was rich and hardy, and their conversation turned to the events of the day. The kraken attacks.

They spoke at length how best to meet any such future challenge, and it was decided to add new drills for that purpose.

"Milady of Waves is best, when she avoids battle," said Captain Ilse de Felr. "One blow from a kraken tentacle would do serious damage. That said, half a dozen warships should prevail".

"So first opportunity, we report this?" asked Arya.

"We should reach Parchments tomorrow, and can then relay the dangers," said the Captain.

"Good," said Arya and they were each in agreement.

They talked more about the journey so far, and then called it a night, each retiring to their own cabin.

Around midnight, far to the north of them, a mighty dragon with a white rider atop, attacked the two injured kraken, killing them. Drogon devoured the dead sea monsters. With a moon bright, Daenerys rode atop her dragon Drogon back to Queens Landing.

It was around mid morning of the next day, when the call came from the crows nest, of four small boats tied to each other, directly ahead of them.

Arya and Sandor made their way to the bow as Helgyr The Bow got her troops ready, which was the drill whenever they would encounter others.

"Arya, there doesn't appear to be any movement," said Captain Ilse de Felr looking through her nautical telescope.

Arya and Sandor had a nautical telescope each, as did Helgyr.

"It may be a trap," said Sandor and the mood tensed.

As MiLady of Waves approached the boats, Captain Ilse de Felr had them grappled and tied fast.

"We best not stop," said the Captain. "We can search them well enough as we sail."

Inside the four boats they found the belongings of people, but no sign of anyone.

"This is a mystery," said Helgyr, looking at Arya.

"What happened?" said Arya.

"About twenty to thirty people were aboard at one time, by the look of things." said the Captain. "We should tow them with us and leave them at the Parchments."

"Yes," said Arya.

"No blood," said Sandor. "Something isn't right here."

They pondered the mystery and the watch at the crows nest was doubled.

There was nothing unusual as they sailed on. Distant merchant ships, other sailing ships on the horizon. Nothing to explain the four boats tied together adrift on the high seas.

Later that day the clouds picked up and the sunshine came and went.

"Lets have another look at the boats," said Arya.

"We looked," said Sandor.

"I think we should check again," said Arya, and Sandor joined her checking the boats. They found no new clues.

"I told you," said Sandor.

"I don't like it," said Arya. "It doesn't make sense."

"That I agree with, but there is nothing we can do for now," said Sandor.

Captain Ilse de Felr walked over and said, "It will be dark when we arrive at Parchments. We can anchor off shore and wait for light to land."

"That sounds good," said Arya.

"I'll post sentry troops around the clock," said Helgyr The Bow.

Captain Ilse de Felr nodded in agreement, and then said, "I'll double the night watch."

After dinner, Arya and Sandor went on deck, and stood with Captain Ilse de Felr and Helgyr The Bow as MiLady of Waves silently dropped anchor within sight of Parchments.

"Things look normal," said the Captain. "We may be expected, as Queen Daenerys may have informed them and sent some fresh supplies."

Arya looked at the Captain puzzled.

"Always best to replenish," said the Captain. "Full stocks are always best."

They stood there and watched the flickering lights ashore for a time, as the occasional falling star passed overhead. Everything seemed peaceful and before long, they called it a night.

The morning air was cold, and Arya, Sandor, Ilse and Helgyr made their way to shore with one of their row boats. They were greeted by several civic and military leaders.

"Greetings and welcome to Parchments," said their leader. "Long live Queen Daenerys!"

They spent the morning exchanging news, including the krakens, and restocking their supplies. The four empty life boats were transferred over and docked, but remained a mystery.

By midday the MiLady of Waves was making good speed through the calmer waters of Straits of Tarth, passing Evenfall Hall and many fishing vessels, both large and small.

As they approached the southern part of Tarth Island and sailed into Shipbreaker Bay, they came upon a large gathering of whales who decided to swim along with them.

The sight of these majestic creatures was fascinating and uplifting.

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