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WFTDA - Womyns Flat Track Derby Association

REVIEW: Victorian Roller Derby League.

VRDL Score:
Accountability: 0/10
Honestly and Integrity: 0/10
Facilities, eg track: 6/10
Technical training: 10/10
Recommend to friends: NO.

VRDL review, executive summary:
Unqualified and under-qualified people in positions of power, abusing positions of power, with little to no transparency and accountability. Acting inappropriately, including talking down to others, demanding demeaning tasks, refusing to be open and accountable, acting unprofessionally. Repeated unwanted sexual advances #MeToo, demeaning comments about femyl skaters, predatory behaviour. Feigning ignorance, impartiality, being friendly.

2017 YEAR IN REVIEW, with the world # 1, Number One Roller Derby league, VRDL, Victorian Roller Derby League:

The Victorian Roller Derby League, VRDL, is a relatively large organisation, in Roller Derby terms, and is not homogeneous in terms of quality.

On the one hand, in 2017 VRDL players became the Number 1 ranked Roller Derby team in the world, through hard work and high level skills.

On the other hand, there are inept and incompetent personalities, some saddistic, those who abuse positions of power. This contrasts starkly with those that don't act anything like this ... are friendly, encoruaging, and awesome persons.

So why does such toxicity exist at all?

The simple answer is that some persons are unsuited for the authority and or responsibility that they have. This manifests often in poor and harmful decisions, petty behaviour, and negativity, even hostility. In short, a toxic environment and experience.

So onto spectifics.

In 2017 I partcipated in three VRDL programs, one Fresh Meat and two Learn To Derby.

The first term, Fresh Meat, lasted about 3 months and was a positive experience. I learned heaps and had an awesome time.

The second and third terms were 3 months each and were an ever worsening negative experience. This negative experience included being treated like dirt ... there really are too many examples to relate and too much context is required to present such in a meaningful manner. Surfice it to say, we all know what it is like to be treated like dirt, unpleasant as it is.

At the end of the second term, Learn To Derby, I did the WFTDA Minimum Skills assessment and was failed. I could have been passed. My written assessment included the promise of one more term of Learn To Derby and then I will be passed to D Squad.

Three months of hard training pass, I did the WFTDA Minimum Skills again, and passed everything comfortably ... the result, I was failed. I was invited to do the term yet again.

To make a long story short, I was discriminated against. When I contacted the VRDL Executive Committee they ignored that I had passed the WFTDA Minimum Skills, they ignored the VRDL promise of being passed after one more term, and they told me to leave and never come back.

I left the VRDL, Victorian Roller Derby League.

My skating skills are awesome. I volunteered dozens of hours for the VRDL over 2017 and spent a lot of money, including buying heaps of VRDL Merch (merchandize).

Would I recommend VRDL to a friend ... sadly NO.

I would however recommend this friendly and inclusive Roller Derby Facebook group:

Roller Derby Heroines xo

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